Monday, July 30, 2012

A blog for the Happy Couple..

Now that Mike and I are married... I thought maybe WE should have a blog, instead of just having the one I started for myself a few years ago. I will write a post on the other blog telling anyone who still follows me (I haven't posted anything for alomst a year... I doubt there are followers, but I want to make myself feel good and think maybe there are one or two..) that I have switched over and will only be posting on this bloggo now! :)

I don't really have any major plans for this blog yet. Mike and I are just normal married people who really don't get out and do anything exciting. But marriage is definitely a journey, so I thought this could kind of just be our little story book. I am trying to be better about taking pictures and documenting everything. When we got married- people told us to write a jornal... we were given 3 journals as gifts... and not a word is written in any of them. I am terrible at it. But hope to get much better. I want my kids to have pictures to look at and see what our life was like. I want them to know what our love story is. So I must start to form the habit now. I am hoping this will help.

I am hoping inspiration for this blog comes. For now... it really will just be us. What we do. What we have done. Where we want to go. Etc. Etc. I hope our friends and family will enjoy reading about us and our journey as much as we are loving living it! :)


  1. This blog is about you 2. Your stories, and a way to keep everyone updated. It can be what you want. Don't allow yourself to feel pressure because other people may blog (or whatever) more than you do. Just do what makes you happy :)