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A Slacker and an Update!

Okay, okay...

I am terrible at this! I haven't posted or logged in since JULY!!

Yeah, I am not so good at this blogging stuff!
Maybe if I wasn't boring I would be better.


I wish I could be a stay at home wife and just get paid to blog all day!
Seriously, those women have the best job in the whole world! And they are all so creative and funny!

Can you imagine- "What do you do for a living, Brindi?" "Oh, I sit at home all day typing about my latest findings on Pinterest!"
Everyone would be jealous. As they should be. Shoot! I am even jealous of my day dream. Mostly because I know it will never happen.

Okay, it CAN'T ever happen..... because if I did have a stay at home job, I would never ever get dressed in anything other than sweats and pajamas. I have the sweetest husband who tells me I always look beautiful, no matter what! (I pay him to say these things, ladies! -ooooh! Maybe in a later post I will break down my budget for such things!) Just kidding! I don't really pay him, he really is just the best husband in the whole world.... But I think even for him there would be a line. I could lie and say I would set up a plan to only wear my sweat pants -all day- once a week... But I know that would soon turn into twice a week... and then soon after that three times a week... and the pattern would just go down hill. I don't think I would even make it through the first week. If I am being honest.

Okay- off my tangent! Probably not for long. Sorry...

So here is a little (okay.. it's actually big) update on Mike and Me--
In the 11 months we have been married (well.. in 3 days it is 11 months. Close enough.) we have done the following:

March 2012
- Married in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple
- Instead of doing a luncheon, we did a dinner the night before, so Mike and I could have our very first date as a married couple to Costa Vida for lunch between the Ceremony and Reception. It was sooo fun! I highly suggest it!
- Stayed at the Anniversary Inn on 5th South for 2 days!
- While downtown we went to the Melting Pot! (Expensive, but worth it!)
- 6 hour drive to Vegas!
- 2 of the 10 days of our honeymoon spent in Vegas (it was a nightmare train wreck!)
- 6 hour drive back home to make a stop at InstaCare! (Thought I had strep!) Then a 3 hour drive to the next stop on our honeymoon...
- Finished out our honeymoon with a week in Bear Lake (we should have just skipped Vegas!)
- Tara turned 28 on the 27th!
- Katie turned 26 on the 12th!

Wedding Day!

Lunch at Costa as a married couple!

Dinner at The Melting Pot
Main Course
We ate it all before I remembered to take the picture!
Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas!

Buca Di Beppo in Vegas!
Bear Lake
I have never seen it this smooth!

We were sick for 3 days on our Honeymoon, so naps were wonderful!!

April 2012
- Brooks turned 1 on the 14th and we had a big party!
- Gavin turned 11 on the 19th
- We celebrated 1 month of marriage! :)

Brooks loved his cupcake
Reading with Grandma after his party

May 2012
- Mike turned 22 on the 10th!
- Mike's sister, Ashley, turned 23 on the same day.
- Mia turned 3 on the 20th!
- Kacey turned 36 on the 28th.
- LOTS of family birthday parties!
- We celebrated 2 months of marriage!

One of Mike's Birthday presents!

June 2012
- Dallin turned 2!
- We went to a really fun BBQ that our friends Aly and Stacey had for Aly's 24th birthday!
- We celebrated 3 months of marriage
- Spent time at Bear Lake
- My grandma Helen turned 92 on the 5th!
- We celebrated 3 months of marriage!

The dessert from Aly's Birthday BBQ!
My 92 year old Grandma!

July 2012
- Started a new job at "The Mortgage Partner" as a receptionist. (I no longer work weekends!)
- We took a fast trip to California! (Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon!)
- Some of our best friends, Chris and Shay Swensen, got married, so we went to the Sealing Ceremony in the San Diego Temple!
- We rented a Camaro while we were in CA! (Okay.. Mike is the one who wanted the upgrade, but it was only $30 extra, so I said "okay"!)
- We went to the Ocean and hung out on the beach, before flying home!
- Tasha turned 6 on the 10th!
- Brian turned 27 on the 11th! (I think... ha ha)
- Bryce turned 15 on the 15th! (Golden Birthday!!)
- Shaela and Colby turned 10 on the 26th!
- Kacey and Josh, with my parents, bought a new boat!
- Spent time at Bear Lake with all the cousins and Aunts and Uncles
- Spent time at Bear Lake with just my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews
- We celebrated 4 months of marriage!

San Diego Temple!

The Beach!
The Ocean!
The new boat!

August 2012
- More time spent at Bear Lake - this time some friends came! ;)
- House sitting for Mark and Lela
- Mark had a pretty intense surgery done on his stomach. So glad he is feeling better!
- Madrigal Reunion Party!
- Josh turned 36 on the 21st!
- We celebrated 5 months of marriage!

Someone was tired of the hospital!
Bear Lake snuggle time with Barfuss!
September 2012
- Spent Labor Day weekend in Idaho Falls with Katie and Markie and Katie's family -The Alder's!
- Went for a walk around the beautiful Idaho Falls Temple (It just happens to be in the Alder's front yard... like literally!)
- Mike had an MRI done on his back... found out he is hopeless! ;) not really, but he will always have back problems!
- Went to the Idaho State Fair!
- We tried a deep fried snickers bar, "elephant ears", elk burgers, and some other things I can't remember...
- Saw some reeeeeally fat piggies!
- Went to the Brigham City Temple open house... took us 4 hours to get through all of the lines. 45 minute bus wait, 2 hours and 45 minute line around the temple, 45 minutes inside the temple.
- Visited Maggie and her new baby, Porter. We also saw her cute new house!
- more time at Bear Lake
- Misty turned 34 on the 6th!
- Collin turned 13 on the 18th! AHHHH!
- We celebrated 6 months of marriage!

Idaho Falls Temple
Idaho State Fair
Brigham City Temple

October 2012
- Markie turned 25 on the 4th!
- 4 wheeling with the Jensen Family, my parents, and Reyn and Janine at Bear Lake up to Old Ephraim's grave! Cold and wet, but soo fun!
- Witch Fest at Gardner Village with all the girls and kids... and Mike! :)
- First nail in my tire! :(
- Mike and I watched Kacey and Josh's kids for a week while they went to Disneyland!
- Time Out for Women with my mom and Lela!
- Pumpkin Patch with the family!
- Halloween Party with the Barfi
- Pumpkin Carving on Halloween!
- We celebrated 7 months of marriage!

We look sooo cool!

Mia loved the witches
Getting the nail out...
Putting the patch in
The culprit :(

November 2012
- Dad turned 57 on the 7th!
- Greg turned 36 on the 11th!
- Met Abby's bulldog puppy George! YUM!!
- Halo 4 came out so the guys had a party.. while the wife's made crafts! :)
- Thanksgiving spent in Arizona with my grandparents! They are on a mission in Mesa, (living in Cave Creek) but will be home March 4th!!!
- Saw Stephanie Meyer and her family sitting across the aisle from us in Sacrament meeting in AZ! (My grandparents think the world of the Meyer Family!)
- Drove by the Grand Canyon!
- Mike got his old Jeep back!
- We celebrated 8 months of marriage!

Picture with the Missionaries!
The day after Thanksgiving..
In capris/shorts and T-Shirts!
Mike and his baby
December 2012
- I turned 25! My cute boss bought me a "Nothing Bunt Cakes" cake and we ate some at work! (It's just the two of us!)
- I had to serve on the Jury! For two days! 12/12/12 and 12/13/12!
- I will never forget what day I got called to serve jury duty.
- Blake turned 4 on the 12th!
- Mom turned 57 on the 27th!
- Made gingerbread houses as a family at Mark and Lela's!
- Went to Disneyland with almost the whole Hiatt Clan! (We missed Markie and Katie! But gained Jeff and Lori Goodell!)
- Christmas Celebrations!
- We celebrated 9 months of marriage!

Nothing Bundt Cakes
Disneyland Castle at Christmas time!
January 2013
- New Year's celebrations!
- Kade turned 29 on the 19th!
- Kacey made Kade an awesome hamburger cake!
- We found a new love... Churro Waffles! YUUUUM!
- Started to get more serious about losing weight.
- Did some major "spring cleaning" in our room!
- Bought and set up a TV stand for the TV we got for Christmas!
- Mike had an interview with BMW! But.. unfortunately they went with someone else. :( The job search continues!
- We celebrated 10 months of marriage!

Kade's birthday party
February 2013
- Mark turned 50 on the 7th!!
- We had a big party for him on the 6th- complete with a nacho bar!
- Made Mark a video of pictures for his party.
- Mike started a class at Lifetime Fitness with his mom and a trainer and is loving it!
- Went shooting with Brian, Mike, and my dad! Found a gun I really like to shoot!
- Taxes are submitted!! Thanks, Mom!!
- Lela will turn 51 on the 28th!
- Valentine's Day this week!
- And celebrating 11 months of marriage on the same day!


We are loving married life! It has been a busy year, but so worth it! We have had some awesome vacations and nice little get-aways to Bear Lake! We love spending time with our families! We have some awesome friends who we love trying to get together once a month with for dinner and a hang out!

We have really enjoyed this journey of marriage! And I am thankful every day that I married my very best friend! I love Mike so much and he is the best thing for me!

Cheers to a wonderful 11 months of marriage! And an eternity more to come!

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