Monday, February 25, 2013

A long time coming...

Well.... Mike and I have some very good news!!!

No... it's not a baby!

Don't read into my Pinterest posts, either... We aren't planning on any little Hiatts for at least 3 years, but I seem to have a lot of friends who are expecting and seem to post a LOT of baby stuff on there... I don't want to pass it up and not be able to find it again! There is some good stuff on there, people!


We are so very, very excited about it! This new job is full time, with the possibility of over-time, and he will get benefits! (Mike hasn't had insurance since he got home from his mission...) We have been looking for a new job for him off an on since before we got married - mostly hoping that we could find one with benefits!

Getting out of 1800Contacts was the best thing I could do for myself and my marriage, but I took a pretty big pay cut to do it. ($2.40 an hour decrease. Ouch.) So Back in November we started to get really serious about the job hunt for Mike, but knew we couldn't afford a pay-cut for him, as well.... at all. So it made finding the right job even harder.

Mike has a pretty bad back.. (He had to come home from is mission a little early for emergency back surgery. It's pretty serious and he will always have problems with it. We had an MRI done back in September 2012... it cleared up a lot of questions, but really helped us know how important it is for Mike to have a job that won't strain his back.) He can't lift anything very heavy. He shouldn't sit or stand for long periods of time. Things that wouldn't bother you or me... bothers him and his back. So our search had to be pretty specific. 

Our wonderful friend, Abby, is a genius when it comes to resumes. (okay, she's a genius when it comes to many things... but for the sake of this story... we'll stick with just listing resumes...) So we enlisted her help to get Mike's updated and looking real professional! She did a great job... It is so nice to have such fabulously talented friends. I am sure Abby doesn't see it as a talent, but I sure do, there is no way I would have gotten it to look that great or made Mike sound as awesome. (She helped me with mine a few years ago. She is awesome!)

Mike sent his resume into quite a few different places...-- Ooookay....It is just me, or does anyone else think it's inconsiderate when people don't send a letter/email or call someone to let them know they got their resume/application, but they are going to go with other applicants? I was pretty annoyed with a few companies who didn't give any sort of response. We get the hint, but it would be nice to have confirmation. -- We heard back from a few places.. one place really wanted him to come work for them, but after praying about it and doing a little pondering in the temple.. we came to the conclusion that the job just didn't feel right. So we continued the search.

A month or so ago, Mike got a call from the BMW Dealership in Murray. He had applied to their service department for a position they posted - I think the position was for a Scheduler... people call in... they schedule a time for them to bring in their car to get serviced. The call was from a lady named Vicki - she told Mike that because of his customer service background, she thought he would be better in a different position so she wanted him to come interview for that instead. The other position was like a greeter... he would greet the customers as they came in, check them in, and take their cars to the service dock. He interviewed once with Vicki and then a second interview was done with the manager over the position. They decided to go with someone else for the job. Mike was really disappointed. He LOVES cars and was hoping this would be a way to get his foot in the door. He got an email from Vicki telling him the manager wanted to go with someone else, but that she really liked him. She was going to hold onto his resume and contact information and if something else opened up, she would let him know. 

A week and a half ago we got a call from Vicki...

There was an opening on the Mini Cooper side of the dealership. It was for.... a service department scheduler. (We've come full circle with the dealership! ha ha) Vicki told Mike about the opening and told him she really wanted him to come in for an interview with the manager on the "Mini" side. She said, "We all know I already love you, but you need to come in to meet the other guy." They talked a little bit more about the position and she ended up telling Mike that she normally doesn't hold on to very many people's information, but she thought Mike was really great. Thank goodness for Vicki!

Mike went in for an interview and felt really good about! He really liked the manager and thought the manager liked him in return... In the interview he kept saying things to Mike like, "When you start....." and "I will talk to Vicki and see how we get started on this.." They told Mike he would probably find out by the next day if he got the job or not... but a few hours after Mike left the interview he got a phone call telling him he got the job! They liked him so much, they just couldn't make him wait any longer to hear the good news!

And good news it is! :)

So... He will be working at the Mini Cooper Dealership in Murray- in the Service Department. He will mainly be scheduling appointments for people to bring in their car to get it serviced. He will work 4 days during the week and every Saturday. (that part is a little bit of a bummer for Bear Lake weekends...) He will be there from 8 am to 6 pm.

We honestly couldn't be more grateful for this job opportunity for him. We are feeling extremely blessed and so happy with such a wonderful answer to many months of prayers. Thank you to all of our friends and family members who have been so supportive and helpful during this search! 
We love and appreciate you all very, very,very.very, very, VERY much.

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