Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best Monday Ever!

Who would have ever thought a Monday could be good?

Seriously though... Mondays normally suck.
Nobody likes them.

But yesterday was the best Monday in the history of ever. 

Work went by so fast!

Just kidding. That isn't what made it the "Best Monday Ever". Although, it was an added bonus! I love it when work passes quickly- who doesn't?

1. Mike started his new job! For those of you who don't know - Mike has started working at the Mini Cooper Dealership in Murray! He will be working in their service department as the scheduler. So when people call in to make an appointment to get their car worked on... he will be the one taking that call and making the appointment! He will be doing other things as well, but that is his main position!
This week they are one person short until Friday, so he has been taking the cars from the service station and topping off the gas tank and helping detail and stuff. He is loving it! He keeps telling me we will have to own a Mini... I keep reminding him we will never have enough money. ha ha But for now he can enjoy driving someone else's Mini Cooper! ;)
He looks soooo handsome for work every day! No more T-Shirts and Jeans. He has to wear black dress pants, black professional looking shoes, and until he gets his "Mini Cooper polo" he has to wear a button down shirt and a tie. He looks goooood! :)

On Saturday we went shopping for his new clothes! We got him two pairs of black pants, 3 button down shirts; blue, white, gray, a new pair of shoes, and 7 new ties! (ummm... 7 ties for $50.97 - STEAL DEAL! buy 5 and get the 6th free is always the deal at the store, FYI! go HERE if you need new ties! or if you're like me and hate most of your husbands "mission ties"... oops.) It was a really fun way to spend his last Saturday off work! It was nice to be with him all day long. I will really miss having a whole day together to do whatever we want.

See? Handsome!! :)

2. My grandparents got home! My mom's parents have been serving an LDS mission in Mesa, Arizona for the last 18 months. Well, The Arizona Mesa Mission is the one they were called to... they actually spent most of their time in a city/town called Cave Creek. (It's North of Scottsdale and Phoenix.) Stephanie Meyer (yes, the author of the Twilight books) and her family were in their ward. My grandma has nothing to say but kind things about that family. They really enjoyed their mission and getting to serve in Arizona! (I worry my grandma isn't going to adjust back to the cold Utah weather very well. ha ha)

Senior missionaries don't seem to have to follow as many rules as the younger elders and sisters do... First of all... my grandma lived with a boy! ;) Really, though... they could watch TV, they could travel outside of their mission boundaries, they called home at least twice a week, (my mom was on the phone with them almost every other day the first few weeks they got there!) they were only in the MTC for about 5 days, they had to take their own car with them, they could have family come down and visit them, etc. So for Thanksgiving this past year we drove down to hang out with them for a few days! It was so much fun! We spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday with them. Trent, Holly, and Ayden came down, too! So we had quite the party for Thanksgiving dinner. My cousin Weston lives in Phoenix, so he got to join us as well. It was so fun! Having Thanksgiving dinner in shorts/capris, short sleeves, and flip flops was AWESOME! We also went swimming in the pool at the club house that night, too! (swimming outdoors in November! Unheard of here in UT!)


While my grandparents were gone they missed a lot of things (that's normal when you're gone for long periods of time...) and was expected... they had a lot of great-grandchildren join our family while they were gone, they missed 5 weddings of grandchildren... (ours being one of them.) They lost many friends and even a couple of siblings. They couldn't justify coming home for certain things. They were important and they would have loved to be there, but they knew it would be hard to truly stay focused on the Lord's work if they kept coming home. We all understood! But... one really BIG, super cool thing happened while they were away... In July (I think...) my Uncle Trent and Aunt Holly got to adopt a little 4 year old boy named Ayden and have him sealed to them in the temple the same day. My Aunt Paula had some extra buddy passes through Delta, so she called my grandparents the night before and told them to get on the flight in the morning and be here for the adoption and sealing. They were afraid they would offend other people if they came home for this but didn't come home for other things.... but honestly... I think we were all just happy to see them! :)

So... even though I saw them twice in that 18 month period... I am still WAY excited to have them home! I can't wait to make them look at wedding pictures! (We tried to get them to sit down and look at them while we were in AZ, but those two don't hold still!) I can't wait to hear more about their mission. And most of all... I am so excited to be able to cut my grandpa's hair again! I have missed that. I am very close with my grandpa, always have been, we have a very funny relationship and I am sooo happy to get that time with him again! It was kind of weird seeing them in their own house last night! It almost felt like they hadn't really left at all! :)

My grandpa texts! He is really cool! :)

Yesterday wasn't a typical Monday... 
Yesterday was a good Monday.

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  1. Congrats on the new job mike!! That is very exciting!! It is so good to have awesome grandparents home!! :) we love you guys