Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's official!

I am finally an official Hiatt. 

Well... it's officially legal. ha ha

That's right- on our 14 month anniversary, I received my new social security card in the mail!

I know- took me long enough.
don't judge.

I originally thought that once I changed my name for my Social Security card, 
I would have to immediately change my Driver's License.

My DL expires this December. 
If I renew it any time before 12/3/13 I still have to renew it on (or only up to 30 days before) 12/3/13.
I thought paying the $25 twice and making two trips to the DMV in 21 months was stupid.
I wanted my full 5 years.
So I was putting off the name change.

Recently I discovered that one of my friends still hasn't changed her name on her DL... 
and she has been married for like 4 years!
She changed her SS card right after they got married, but not her DL.
(Thanks for the information, Heid! 
It helped me change my name to make Mike happy, but know that I could still wait to change my DL!)

So- almost 2 weeks ago I sent an application and our marriage license over to the SS office.
Last Wednesday I got our marriage license back with a letter saying my new card would be here in 2 week.
Yesterday- I received that new SS card in the mail.

I am legally known as Brindi Rae Hiatt now. 

(That's kinda weird.....)


  1. Oh I understand completely. I waited to LEGALLY change my name on everything for the exact same reason.

  2. Jessi has been married for 5 years next month. She STILL hasn't changed her name on her DL. Haha