Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My exciting news...

As most of you know... I have a new job!! 
(I think I have posted a million things on Facebook about it! 
So unless you have my posts "hidden", or you never log on, or you ignore me.... 
I am sure you've heard!)

I have recently accepted a position at Taylor Andrews Academy... 
as an Instructor!

I am the new Night Freshman Instructor.
Which means:
I get to teach all of the new people who are just barely starting.
I get to show them the ropes!
I get to teach the newbies all about hair
The basics of hair
The workings of hair
The art of coloring hair
The art of cutting hair
The task of perms
The joy of styling
The oh so wonderful scalp treatments
I get to teach them all about nails
The basics of nails
The proper way to do a manicure
The proper way to do a pedicure
I get to teach them all about sanitizing their kits and stuff
And I get to teach them all of the important things that come with hair school!
and much, much, MUCH more!
I get to teach it all!!

Oh, you noticed the "Night" part, huh?!
Don't worry! It isn't like a "graveyard shift" thing!
Thanks goodness!!!
I just teach night school.
5 pm to 10 pm.
Monday through Thursday!

I will, however, get to teach and do things on "The Floor" (where students are currently working on real, living clients) during the day, throughout the week, too!
Maybe do the noon to 5 shifts before my freshman class.
on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday..
(I'm hoping to have Thursdays off during the day, so I can at least see my husband one day!)
Maybe I will work on Fridays...
from 8:30 to 5 pm...
And for sure I will work every-other Saturday!
From 8:30 am to 5 pm.

I am so stinking excited!!
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this new adventure!
It is going to be such a great experience!
It already has been.

I started training at night, after my current job..
(it's only my current job until HOPEFULLY tomorrow!)
So I have been doing 9 am to 5 pm at The Mortgage Partner
and then 5:30 pm to 10 pm at TA!
Trust me... we've experienced some long days this past week and a half.
Last Wednesday and Thursday nights I got to be on "The Floor" with Jamee Thatcher.
We went around checking off people's colors and cuts. 
Stamping grids. Checking mannequins.
It was so much fun!
Tonight and tomorrow night...
I get to shadow Jamee Thatcher in the current Freshman Class!
I am way excited! 
(This class will be "promoted to jr.'s" before I actually start teaching.)
Next Monday and Tuesday I get to shadow the Day Freshman instructor, Alex.
From 8:30 am to 5 pm.
Saturday I am training on "The Floor" again.
From 8:30 am to 5 pm.


On Monday, July 8th...

I get to start teaching my very own Freshman class!!

Please pray for them! ;)
Just kidding! ....Kind of!

I do feel like I need to mention... I have loved my job as a receptionist at The Mortgage Partner.
I love my boss. And I am so grateful I was able to get to know her and her family.
They are all so wonderful! And have done so many nice things for me.
I will miss my daily chats with Penny and learning about all of her kids' accomplishments for the week!
It was very hard for me to put my two weeks in.

Turns out the receptionist job wasn't what I thought it would be or what I had planned it would turn into.
Unfortunately, some things changed around our household and I needed to be making more money.
So when I had the opportunity to go work at TA fall into my lap, I had to check it out. It happened to be a nice pay increase and I just couldn't refuse!
Something I love and want to do!

Also, my amazing husband has felt good about it and encouraged me from the very beginning to "just do it"!
Even though it will be an opposite schedule from his for awhile, he has been so supportive of me trying to get this position. I feel so lucky to be married to someone so wonderful and so supportive.
Don't know what I would do without my Mike!
I love you, Mike!
Thank you for the many sacrifices you make, so I can be happy!

It was well worth the money for the textbook and the workbook!
and well worth the money for the state test and license!

We love it!
We are happy!

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  1. so happy for you brindi!! :) i can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! i'm super jealous that you get to be at TA all the time